NYC Fountain Hard Seltzer Review

On the weekend I received a package from Fountain, the NYC born hard seltzer company, who have recently launched three flavours in the UK: Lime, Passion Fruit and Blueberry. The first thing I noticed was that compared to the standard 255ml and 330ml cans these are a generous 355ml and contain 5% ABV…Thank you Super Size USA!

With the amount of packing, I was glad to read on the website that all the packaging used is recyclable, 100% biodegradable and fully compostable. The brand label design is a simple but effective, coloured labels and abstract lines that represent the fruity contents of each can and a symbolism of a spouting fountain. The simplicity in their design extends to the drink itself. There is zero added sugars, artificial sweeteners or preservatives, gluten free and suitable for vegans. It’s 100% natural using only three ingredients; water sourced from the Adironak Mountains, fermented alcohol and natural fruit flavours, only 100 calories and 1.5g carbs per can. Natural spring water, fizz, alcohol and natural fruit infusion what’s not to love?

Having chilled each can and armed with a large gin glass I reached for my first flavor – Lime. I was expecting a sour acidic flavor and citrusy aroma but both were slightly lacking for me. To impart more tang, I added a wedge of lime and a squeeze of lime juice.  Overall it was refreshing, and the bitterness would serve well as a G & T mixer. 

In contrast, I loved both Passion fruit and Blueberry as they captured the full flavour profile so well. The Passion fruit had subtle combination of sweetness and tartness, with distinct tropical notes that fizzled on my tongue. I couldn’t resist stirring in some passion fruit pulp to complement the already prominent tropical flavours. But the winner for me was Blueberry, it was intensely aromatic. It had a distinct fragrance similar to grape juice, leaving a pleasant sweet lingering note on the nose and palette. I added frozen blueberries instead of ice so not to dilute the delicious flavor and because I love alcohol infused berries. Side note: The empty can sitting in the recycling bag still had a fruity reminisce.

I’m an avid G & T fan and this would make a great alternative on a cheat ‘dry’ day.  Fountain hard seltzers are clean, crisp and aromatic with lasting effervescent, perfect for anytime of the day. A couple of cans provide just enough alcohol to feel content without feeling drowsy, however be warned as the alcohol does creep up on you.

Fountain has three new fruit infusions in the pipeline that will have you reminiscing about warmer climes: Watermelon, Pineapple & Cherry. Starting at £25 for packs of 12, Fountain Hard Seltzer can be purchase here Use WELCOME20 to receive 20% off your 1st order.
Written by: Eboni Addoh