Onin.London has enjoyed many a great evening at The Mandrake (, Fitzrovia’s finest five-star boutique hotel and cultural hub for likeminded souls. So you can imagine our excitement at finally getting to spend a night at the hotel.

First a little history about this stunning hotel. The Mandrake was founded and owned by entrepreneur and art collector Rami Fustok. It contains 33 rooms and suites and an award-winning Penthouse – all beautifully designed and specially curated.

Recognised for its exquisite and striking art, culture and design, The Mandrake’s energy is based on an ‘ever evolving’ concept. Throughout the year, the hotel presents itself as a welcoming hub to artists, performers, exhibitions and events. (Check out previous articles on Onin.London for more information about The Mandrake’s Artist In Residence Programmes).

Every room is different, and categories range from Mandrake Rooms, Newman Rooms to Terrace Rooms, and all feature staple velvet headboards, vintage chandeliers, and French rugs. We spent the night in a Terrace Room. It was a beautiful room, which had doors that opened onto the gorgeous terrace, where we could sit and take in the atmosphere and party scene happening downstairs into the early morning.

The Mandrake is know for their parties, cocktails and food at the Famous YOPO Restaurant and YOPO Bar. 

YOPO Restaurant and YOPO Bar, The Mandrake’s signature dining outlets, are headed up by acclaimed Executive Chef George Scott-Toft. He offers a menu of bold and flavoursome modern South American dishes with European influences, inspired by his personal travel experiences around the world.

Having tried the amazing food at a private dinner awhile ago, I have been dying to go back and experience YOPO in all its glory. We ate a gorgeous meal there and our waitress on the evening was extremely helpful in helping decide what to order. If we could have we would have tried everything on the menu because once you’ve eaten at YOPO… you’ll be wanting to come back time and time again.

YOPO operates on a sharing concepts, so we ordered a selection of food consisting of Oysters, Scallop Ceviche, Tomatillo & Gooseberry Gazpacho (do not skip over this dish… it is divine), Padron Peppers, Jamon Ibérico & Salted Butter Crispbread,Tuna Tartare, Chilli & Cashew Cream, Croquettes, Josper Grilled Sirloin, Fish Tacos and Parmesan Tapioca.

I could wax literal poetry about the meal but it really is something you need to experience at YOPO yourself. It’s fresh, full of flavour and it’s utter perfection. Your meal will also pair well with the delicious champagne or extensive wine list available.

The restaurant itself is beautiful. The Interior design enjoys a sensual bohemian look with an eclectic mix of comfortable furniture sourced from around the world, alongside exotic art to enhance the dining experience. On entering the space, visitors will be stopped by the beauty of ‘Showgirl’, the grandiose ostrich by Enrique Gomez de Molina that takes centre stage in the space. The polarisation of light and dark in the space creates a narrative that leaves the viewer with more questions than answers. It’s definitely a place to visit for an intimate date night or a special occasion.

We finished our dinner with the Mangosteen and Pink Flamingo cocktails. The perfect accompaniment to pair with the Strawberry & Guava Cheesecake with Goat Cheese Mousse piped on top of base of Crushed Buckwheat Biscuit with Guava Jam & Strawberries and the Islands Chocolate Royal, Coffee & Mezcal Ice Cream.

After dinner we ventured back upstairs to enjoy an evening watching movies in the room. It was a great end to the evening, listening to the music that was being played downstairs and enjoying one of the in room cocktails (The Old Fashion was delicious) that are specially made for the hotel. Though, if you’d like a quieter evening, I would look at not booking a terrace room.

After a good night’s sleep, we went downstairs for breakfast. If we’d gotten up earlier we could have enjoyed some of the Spiritual Wellbeing offerings at the hotel. The beating heart of The Mandrake is its spiritual wellbeing and soul retrieval offerings, centred around the ethos that the soul needs to be nourished as much as the mind and body.

The Mandrake’s dedicated Spiritual Concierge have curated a world first in-room Spiritual Wellness Menu offering otherworldly experiences, such as aromatherapy infused Massages, Reiki Healing and Galactic Gong Baths. 

Additional wellbeing experiences includes a monthly schedule of spiritual inspired events that take place throughout the hotel, including Full Moon Sound Baths, Gong Meditations and Cacao Ceremonies. There’s even the Mandrake’s newly launched Sunday wellbeing sessions, which gives both residents and visitors the opportunity to indulge in weekend soul-care with gentle morning Yoga and Soul Restore Sound Healing, held by The Mandrake’s resident spiritual practitioners. 

Rooms at The Mandrake start from £430.00 and our stay proved why celebrities and the like choose to stay here. We can’t thank The Mandrake enough for hosting us.

Onin.London is also excited to announce the relaunch of its Discodelic Night at Waeska Bar where rhythm, life and celebration converge, every Thursday from 9:00pm – 1:00pm.

Waeska is a statement destination and ethnobotanic bar situated in the heart of The Mandrake. Every Thursday guests are invited to revel in the fusion of disco and afro house music, and get lost in the enchanting blend of 80s boogie, rare house and disco gems with a touch of Afro rhythm.

To book your next stay or dinner visit:

The Mandrake

20-21 Newman Street

London, W1T 1PG

United Kingdom

Tel: 0203 146 7770