Park Corner Brasserie Roast Review

If you are looking to treat yourself to a Sunday roast then head on over to Park Corner Brasserie Hilton Park Lane

Onin.London attended the press preview of their new Roast Menu. Being one of the lucky few to test the new Sunday roast menu was an experience. To start the evening we were greeted with a glass of Wildlife Botanical non alcoholic sparkling wine. This was a sparkling wine at .5% ABV and with an added addition of an uplifting elixir of vitamins and minerals which was full of flavour with all the health benefits. Once we were all sat down you could watch the chef preparing our roasts through the open kitchen.

To our delight the executive chef came out to show us how the roast chickens would be served to the table before it was portioned. Whole chickens were stuffed with aromatics such as Rosemary and thyme smoke and smelt delicious.  Once the chef was finished with his show he returned to the kitchen where you could see the other chefs slicing the fillets and portioning up our sides for our plates.

We were served with the plate that consisted of a few slices of the beef fillet , roast chicken, a tomato and mushroom and the all important Yorkshire pudding.

The fillet was perfectly rare and the tenderness of the meat was something I haven’t had in a long time. You could pull them slices apart with just with the fork.

The chicken from earlier was juicy and the skin was lovely and brown and the Rosemary and the thyme smoke added a subtle flavour.

To tie all this together the Jus was sticky and rich. If you had any you left the only way to finish it was by using the soft yet crunchy Yorkshire pudding.

Roasted mushroom and tomato were enjoyable but I’m not sure if it was needed on the plate.

Now you can’t have a roast with just the meat. Normally the roast at Park Corner Brassiere will come with two sides of your choice, however, we were lucky enough to try a few of the other available sides. The creamy celeriac puree was velveteen buttery and everything you’d want. Every roast needs to have roast potatoes and the Park Corner Brassiere cook theirs in drippings which makes them crispy and fluff, which will have you wanting more. The carrots were roasted in orange which this gives it a freshness and a citrus kick that complements the roast chicken. Savoy cabbage and bacon add the saltiness and crunchiness to your plate. This can be made vegan if you choose. The classic cauliflower and cheese was another side to choose from the sorcerer’s treat cheesy as expected, however, a little bit more cheesemelted on top to create a texture of a crust would have made it even better.

After the main event,  what do we need dessert of course and dessert we had. If you are in a group I would recommend that chocolate and orange fondant paired with vanilla ice cream. This is a perfect size for three to four people however if you are hungry then two could finish it all. The fondant was rich and gooey the vanilla ice cream was creamy with a smooth mouth feel. Traditional desserts of apple & Berry crumble, vanilla custard. Sticky Toffee & caramelized plum, clotted ice cream were also on offer. The Highlight of all the desserts was the vegan option Raspberry and chocolate ganache with Raspberry compound chocolate soil. The tartness from the raspberries cut through the chocolate perfectly. While the chocolate soil brings texture to the dish I would have had more if I had the room.

The team were full of knowledge and answered all the questions I asked during the evening.

Park Corner Brasserie is a plastic free restaurant and also they try to reduce their waste by not allowing diners to take food away as this would produce waste. So what happens to left overs? Well the leftovers are composted. Everything is separated and recycled to create a sustainable restaurant.

Overall the experience at Park Corner Brasserie was excellent. Thank you for another enjoyable evening.

Written by Matt Eddy.