PowerUp Returns To The Science Museum.

A simple touch of a button and sound of an iconic word ‘SEGA’ can awaken any person’s inner child.

‘Power Up’ the new exhibition at the science Museum achieves this on a larger scale with a whooping 160 gaming consoles and desktops.

Elliot and myself were the lucky few to experience the exhibition on the opening day before the public. What a trip down memory lane!

The day started with us entering the Science Museum through the side entrance. Not many can say they have been in there with only a hand full of people. We weaved our way to the basement where ‘Power Up’  is based thanks to the help from the museum staff. It was an adventure before the fun began.

You are welcomed to Power Up by the soft glow of orange and blue lights as well as the tv screens and desktops that have the various consoles from Sega, PS5 and Nintendo 64. No matter the era of gaming you started in the will have something for you.

Everything draws you in and you don’t know where to start. Closest to the entrance is the physical games such as the family classic Wii Sports and Guitar Hero.

Over 100 Arcade games are on two consoles. My button mashing skills were strong on Double dragon, Golden Axe and Frogger. A great place to start to fellow “gamers”

Not everything has to be a trip down memory lane here at ‘Power Up’ they focus on the future of gaming by showcasing the talented BFTA YGD winners. 4 head sets are laid out to transport you into the world of Virtual Reality. A weird sensation at first but then once you get use to the feeling all you want to do is look around at the incredible details.

For the history of games head to the back wall were the timeline is there for all to see from the first generation all the way to the sixth generation. All consoles are original so you get to  play the historic Atari 2600, Sega Master System and the PlayStation.

If you’re a gamer that plays on PC they have you covered, with a row of desktops and head phones so you can play games suchas Tomb Raider and Theme Hospital.

Did you go as a group? Well head over to multiplayer areas for 4 player Golden Eye. What will you choose? Slappers only or pistols?  Or for the ultimate multiplayer experience head to the 16 player Halo ring. You may create enemies or friends.

The nostalgia ‘Power Up’ evokes will have you thinking about times spent with friends and family. Whether that’s opening the latest console at Christmas or the hours spend trying to beat the boss after school.

Parents will get as much enjoyment as the kids from the permeant exhibition. The joy that £10 for a day pass or £15 for a yearly pass is worth the money and the happy tears.

Happy Gaming!

Website: https://www.sciencemuseum.org.uk/see-and-do/power

Written by Matthew Eddy

Photos courtesy of Science Museum Group