PUTTSHACK at Westfield Review

Last week me and the On In London team headed on down to Puttshack for my Birthday, I thought what better way to celebrate with the team than with a group of us getting a little competitive at mini golf while sipping cocktails.

It was on a Sunday at midday, so the great thing is, it wasn’t packed, we signed ourselves in and got a cocktail in hand before we headed over to our selected course.

Puttschack comprises of four courses of nine holes; each mini golf hole has been designed with the inspiration of a computer, arcade or fairground game. They are brightly lit with bold colours, featuring its on electronic leaderboard. Its very impressive and when you arrive, you cant help but marvel at it.

Midway through the game we came across the interactive prize wheel, where you have the chance to win a prize, which includes a pizza, a round of drinks or a cash prize. By this time we were getting a little merry from our cocktails and thought we would nail it. Unfortunately its a little harder than it looks, and none of us won anything, however we were all still in good spirits.

Once we got to the ninth golf hole, we were all a little sad it was over. We had a great time and celebrated the winner by giving her a high five and heading back to the bar to get another cocktail.

There is a huge island bar, which is the ideal place to go to after your game, the bar offers over 100 different rums, which include some of the rarest rums. If you fancy getting a bite to eat, you will be happy to know they offer pizzas, burgers and all the naughty but yummy food you could ask for.

The price per game is good value for Puttshack, and it certainly was one of the highlights of my birthday. So grab your girls or boys and head on down there for a game, but be warned it can get very competitive, so bring your A Game!


Price per person, per game: £12.50 (Peak); £7.50 (Off-Peak)
7-12 years old: £9.50 (Peak); £5.50 (Off-Peak)

Website: www.puttshack.com

Written by Nyla S.