Smith And Sinclair’s Flavour Room Review


Smith and Sinclair’s Experimental Garnish Bar is a one of a kind cocktail bar which puts you in charge of your cocktail. For £12, this experience is pretty good value. Not only do you get to choose from one of four Tanqueray Gin cocktails, you can add your own twist with a number of different garnishes… but you also get an edible gin cocktail sweet, a vapour gin experience and a gin experience like no other. Who knew you could get powered gin!!!!!!! More on that later but first the cocktails.

IMG_2363We chose The Shrinking Violet, The Carnaby Cocktail and The Classic T & T. All these cocktails were absolutely scrumptious without the garnishes but they were something else with the garnishes. From gin oils, to edible perfumes, to lollypops to spherification balls – it was quite a bit of fun choosing what we should add to our drinks. We may have gone a bit overboard and tried everything in our drinks. The lollypops and the Kiwi Spherification balls were definitely our favourites of the evening. We didn’t try the fourth available cocktail, The Tanqueray Green Cocktail but if it’s anything like the other cocktails it’s bound to be delicious.

IMG_2365Now I mentioned powered gin before. Sounds strange… well it was. You receive a tea spoon of powered gin in which some drops of gin oil is added. Before tasting this, our lovely host sprayed an edible perfume over our heads. When you begin to smell the perfume, you eat the teaspoon of powered gin and gin oil. The effect is a unique gin and tonic flavoured shot in your mouth. Pretty interesting stuff until you remember that the majority of our sense of taste comes from our sense of smell.



Reservations for the Tanqueray Experimental Garnish Bar need to be made in advance at £12 per person and tickets are selling out fast! Running until the 2nd of April, you don’t have much time left to visit so head to and book your tickets now for this unique experience.


Reporter: Tegan LeBon

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