Spend an evening with us at Revery and Park Corner Brasserie

Enter Revery through London Hilton on Park Lane and you are transported to a time of marble velvet and polished surfaces.

We were greeted by Will and taken to our which was the perfect place to sit and watch Revery in action. The bar is a piece of art. Mirrors and glass add an art deco feel to this modern addition to London Hilton on Park Lane. Every utensil and piece of equipment in rose gold or copper has its place and creates an air of professionalism and a dedication to give the best. And… that’s exactly what the team of Revery did.

All that time admiring the venue and the space made us forget to look at the menu. Oops. The menu is presented in a bound red back book with gold lettering enhancing to the eloquence of the space.

Upon looking at the menu there was only one place to start and that was with the signature cocktails. While we waited for our cocktails we were treated to a little tart of cheese and chives.

After a few minutes the Arriba Arriba – tequila, mezcal, beetroot, jalapeno, citrus and salty air arrived. This is definitely for the lover of tequila and mezcal. Smoky, punchy and earthy. Il Conte was the partner in crime for this round. Gin, vermouth, campari, cocoa and coffee air. Think of a negroni but with notes of chocolate and coffee.

We can never say no to just one cocktail. Our second choices were the Scalomi – couvsiour , vodka, rum, pink grapefruit, bergamot, grapefruit soda, mint. A lovely citrus kick with this one.

Barranquilla – rum, coconut rum, falernum, smoked pineapple, citrus, tiki bitters. If you need an escape to a tropical island this is the cocktail for you.

Yume – vodka, sake, white port, Asiatic spices, calamansi, pandam, shiitake soda. A unique savoury cocktail that needs to be tried at least once.

Every cocktail served were explained but the team.

Vlad, Will and Nigel answered the questions I threw out them and there were many of those. We also loved that Yume, Arriba Arribaand Barranquilla can all be served as a non alcoholic version.

Celosa Rose tequila are one of the sponsors of Revery. To treat yourself, have a shot but don’t shoot it sip it. It was one of the smoothest tequila I have had, so you won’t be disappointed.

What a great way to start an evening, 2 hours of cocktails and as Revery means it was a place to wander and to day dream.

Food is available at Revery however we were going next door to the newly opened Park Corner Brasserie.

The newest addition to the London Hilton on Park Lane dining experience and what a fun and enjoyable experience it was. We were a little late to the booking due to the cocktails. Sorry!

We were greeted by the host who lead us to our table past the open kitchen.

The Park Corner Brasserie is well lit and a beautiful venue to have dinner at with tones  of green, cream and white making you feel relaxed. Park corner Brasserie is a plastic free venue so everything is reusable. We do love sustainability here at Onin.London. Once seated our server Jamie explained the menu which we opted for the three course set menu, priced at 45 pounds per person. It was a great deal. We selected all three starters and we did have to pay the additional costs for this but it was worth It.

Heritage beetroot caramelised fig feta basil Beetroots perfectly roasted went well with the rich whipped goats cheese recommended for vegetarians or non vegetarians full of flavour.

Slow cooked pork belly,Crackling, Celeriac slaw apple BBQ sauce. Sticky, rich just what you expect from barbecued pork belly. The celeriac slaw cuts through the richness and adds the perfect crispness to this dish. The sauce leaves you wanting more.

We both wanted bread to leave no sauce behind luckily for us we ordered the cured salmon which comes with a miniature rye bread loaf.

Lemon,lemon curd, radish, herb butter. Classic flavours nothing wrong with the classics the fresh lemon and lemon curd brings the freshness to the dish.

All these starters were washed down with a carafe of Sauvignon Blanc.

Jamie, our server is someone we will never forget as being from Australia myself the jokes between us were causing us to nonstop laugh throughout the night. She was friendly, highly professional and was extremely knowledgeable.

Time for the main event the British staples. Battered cod mushy peas, lemon and chips. When cutting through you could hear the crunchy batter, the sound alone was enough to say that it was the best fish and chips we have had. The chunky chips were also cooked to perfection.

The dry aged beef burger was enjoyable and flavourful served with the same perfectly cooked chunky Chips.

To finish a wonderful dining experience one must have a dessert.

The decadent chocolate and toffee pudding warm chocolate sauce is one way to finish. The hot chocolate sauce poured over the chocolate desk allows the hidden toffee to flow onto the plate. This dessert did not last long.

If you are more of fruit dessert person the caramelized Peach cake is one for you. Apricot and peach purees dotted around the plate with addition to caramelized peaches and a soft homemade villain or ice cream. By the end of desserts we were very full and had the most enjoyable evening.

Sadly all good things must come to an end and we were farewelled by the lovely staff. Thank you for an unforgettable experience. We would come back again and again.

Written by Matthew Eddy.