Following a hugely successful six months of Instagram Live workouts during lockdown, FLY LDN, the acclaimed low impact training studio in Aldgate, has launched FLY LDN Online due to popular demand. This subscription based, virtual platform features an extensive, on-demand workout library containing over200 classes, as well as daily live sessions delivered by the popular team of FLY LDN instructors and industry experts.  

Designed to enable you to perform at your best, whilst also preventing injury and building muscle tone and strength, FLY LDN offers a fully integrated and holistic approach to fitness and wellbeing. Historically only available to those able to visit the London studio, FLY LDN classes, which have been the “go-to” for city dwellers, are now accessible for all to enjoy from the comfort of their own homes for just £9.99 a month.

Notorious for their stripped back approach to fitness, FLY LDN Online’s Flow classes are inspired by traditional Vinyasa sequences. All the workouts have been expertly designed to complement traditional strength training and exercise disciplines to help you stretch and breathe deeper, whilst you focus your mind away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Beginners can ease themselves in with a slow-paced Slow Flow class or a restorative Candlelit CHILL class to help release deep layers of connective tissue and free the body from any tension. The more advanced can progress to Flow Life classes, with dynamic power flows designed to challenge you and make you sweat.

If you want to achieve abs and thighs of steel, leaner muscles and improved posture, alignment and balance, then look no further than FLY LDN Online’s barre classes. Combining Pilates, dance and strength training, these beat-driven, fun workouts get impressive results fast and will ensure you feel the notorious barre burn. In addition, the platform features dynamic mat Pilates classes, which are heavily focussed on building core and glute strength, as well as improving posture and sculpting muscle.

For those looking for a sweaty, high intensity session that doesn’tput stress on the joints or muscles, FLY LDN Online offers a wide range of Low Impact sessions. These provide an intense, full body conditioning workout designed to help improve cardiovascular fitness, strength and mobility, whilst also reducing impact on the joints.

Whether you are looking for a quick 15-minute core burner, a deep tissue release or a lower body blast, FLY LDN Online has something for everyone and is also pre-and post-natal friendly.

So, register now at and experience the hottest new workout platform, created to help you achieve your fitness goals, as well as mental clarity and physical harmony, wherever you are in the world.

FLY LDN Online is £9.99 a month or £99.99 a year and is accessible on thousands of devices including iOS devices, Android devices, Apple and Windows PCs

For further information on FLY LDN Online visit