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The Older Woman Review

The Older Woman is Anna-Leigh Brooks’ debut novel and the first instalment of her erotic/romantic trilogy chronicling the passions of Jamie and Jess. Anna-Leigh did not actually own a laptop until lockdown relaxed last July.  Despite this, she managed to write The Older Woman, Ring of Hope (the second instalment) and a few chapters of her final book in the trilogy, Jamie, all on her mobile phone. Pretty impressive.

While I haven’t completely finished the novel yet, the The Older Woman tells an erotic love story following Jess’s arrival in the military village which has gotten her heart racing and her adrenalin pumping. At 36, she has a failed marriage behind her and an uncertain future. (This did hit a bit close to home as I recently turned 36, so does this now make me an older woman!) Jess falls for a 19 year old squaddie and his happy to have an older woman to fulfil his fantasies.

Fans of fifty shades of grey will enjoy the erotic language and the back and forth perspectives from both male and female characters. There were quite a few chapters which had me blushing and looking up to make sure no one was reading over my shoulder on the train. Some of the language was a bit too much for myself, but I found as I read on the sex scenes became more readable and sensual as the characters became more involved. You can definitely tell when Anna-Leigh became more comfortable writing and her characters began to grow.

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Written by Madison Grey.

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