Tips for the Teething Process

Baby looking at laptop

There are certain things that you can’t avoid…day following night, children wanting the toy that another child has and the fact that teething will happen.

Luckily for us we have been through this (twice) and thankfully it is never to be repeated. As with anything all children deal with things differently but there is no denying teething hurts them.

Both of our girls we’re pretty good with this but there was still certain things that we could do to help them be more comfortable. The main things we used were the teething granules which is a product that kind of looks like sugar and you rub it into the gums and it seems to give them a few hours of relief. Another thing we used was the teething gel which again is rubbed into the gums and it’s meant to cool the pain.

There is no right time for them to start teething and in can start at about 6 months or others don’t start until they are 12 months but you’ll often get a few signs such as some develop a fever or have an upset stomach. Our girls seemed to get really rosy cheeks when going through teething.

The first teeth that normally make an appearance is the bottom front teeth followed by the top front teeth. It’s important to remember that when your babies teeth start appearing then you should start brushing them with a very soft brush designed for babies teeth. Now would also be a good time to getting them to a dentist to get them used to that experience even if it’s when you have a check up and they sit on your lap.

The thing is to find what works for your child. Each children is different, one of ours liked the gel whereas the other didn’t they prefered the granules. No one knows your child better than you.

For more information please visit the NHS teething page.


Darren Coleshill