Born to connect people, cultures, and stories through authentic adventures around the globe, WeRoad specialises in small group travel for millennials, offering once in a lifetime experiences which push you out of your comfort zone on every trip.  

Reinventing group travel since their launch in 2017, WeRoad has helped over 100,000 travellers discover the world, make new friends, and embark on life-changing adventures with more than 200 travel itineraries on offer.  

With a wide range of unforgettable trips, you can choose to explore Europe, North America, South America, Africa, Oceania, and Asia in small groups made up of like-minded individuals, who elevate your experience as you explore and discover all that the world has to offer. Offering ‘trip types’ which cater to everyone, you can choose from:

Classic 360ᵒ – perfect if you want to discover all that a destination has to offer, Classic 360ᵒ trips are varied and fun-packed, including the perfect blend of nature, adventure, relaxation, cultural activities, sightseeing, and a sample of the local party scene. Popular destinations and trip itineraries include Bali, Japan, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Costa Rica, Madeira, and Route 66.  
Express – shorter trips of just 5 days, Express itineraries promise active adventures in iconic destinations including Morrocco, Portugal and Iceland.
Trekking –  pack your bags, grab your hiking boots and embark on the ultimate trip through iconic countries including Chile & Argentina, Nepal, Peru, and Ecuador, discovering pockets of the world which offer new experiences and personal growth.  
The Northern Lights – chase the Northern Lights fromIceland or Sweden, and witness this natural phenomenon surrounded by jaw-dropping scenery, while building memories which last a lifetime.
Beach Life –  discover the sun-soaked beaches and crystal clear waters of scenic destinations including Mexico,Thailand, Corfu, and the Amalfi Coast, perfect to recentre, realign and take a fresh perspective on life.

Each WeRoad trip is led by a WeRoad travel coordinator, whose job it is to create a travel experience like no other, uniting solo travellers and creating meaningful connections amongst people and places, broadening your horizons, and supporting personal growth.  

Integral to WeRoad’s global success is the community which lies at the heart of the offering. Uniting those who have shared new experiences and enriched their lives through travelling with WeRoad, the active, global community brings together like-minded individuals who not only spread the word organically but keep coming back for more.  

It’s time to meet new people and see the world  in a way you never thought possible with WeRoad and discover the inside track to small-group, adventure travel creating memories that will last a lifetime.  

WeRoad trips depart all year round, and always include accommodation, breakfast daily and some meals, internal transfers, some excursions and activities, shared accommodation, car rental (for self-driven tours), and a dedicated travel co-ordinator to manage, experience and oversee your trip.