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V.B Goes Casual

2013-03-05 23.13.49

We love the fact that the Beckhams are back in Blighty, but what we love even more is watching Victoria Beckham’s style adapt from sunny L.A to grey London. The Beckhams are a family of fashionistas, even down to lil baby Harper. So you can not talk fashion and not mention this family, that would be like having a birthday with no cake. (Rubbish analogy but best I can think of today).

So when I opened the papers to see that V.B was wearing flat boots and casual clothes I had to blog about it. I think she looks gorgeous for once she is showing us ladies that you can still do boyfriend chic and look sexy. As much as we all love Victoria’s statement high heels, it was never a look any of us could honestly wear every day. I get foot cramp wearing my trainers for too long, so wearing a pair of touring Louboutins to do the school run is definitely a no no, but one V.B rocks well.

victoria beckham

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Written by Abi

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