No Excuses

Beauty blogI’m sure you have reached a stage where you really want to do something but you start to get scared, start to doubt your abilities, start to question whether you will succeed and even start to imagine your potential clients hating you and before you know it, you end up throwing a great idea in the bin. Well as the saying goes, “..Ain’t anybody got time for that!”. As ghetto as it may sound, there is a whole lot of truth to it! Why would you give time to fear, doubt and negativity?? I certainly do not want to have time for that especially when it will cost me my future and doing something I enjoy.

I definitely know it’s easier said than done because I was once a victim. I never thought I could run a business successfully or attract clients to my company so instead I just decided that it would be best to stay in the background and help someone else with their business. But it was so hard to just put all my creative ideas and thoughts to rest and pretend like I was not a creative individual.  However, sometimes in life, if you don’t go chasing your dreams, your dreams will come chasing you! Believe me, I know!

The fear of yesterday might just be the success of tomorrow; I never saw myself as an established makeup artist let alone one who often meets people that appreciate my work. I look back now and I am happy that I decided to overcome my fears and give birth to    Adiva Forever. My passion for makeup simply started from wanting to make sure every woman felt beautiful; I was so passionate about enhancing natural beauty. Then I fell in love with Yoruba engagements and wanted to make sure that I could provide all my brides and clients with a beautiful headtie known as gele. I started reading, watching and asking so many questions. I was inspired by those, who regardless of unfortunate circumstances beyond their control that could be seen as an acceptable reason to give up; they simply pressed on and did not allow the pressures of life to rob them. I made up my mind that I did not want to look back and regret anything.

My experience has allowed me to have an open mind set hence the reason you will see me in red lipsticks, orange lipsticks and purple lipsticks! So for you ladies who think lipstick does not suit you because it makes your lips look fuller, you’re wrong! Lipstick suits everyone. Why don’t you try applying it differently; you can fill your lips with a lip liner close to the colour of the lipstick and then apply the lipstick in the centre and use a lip brush to blend them together so there’s not an obvious line between the lip liner and lipstick. And if you like gloss, add some on top and voila. For those of you who are scared to fill in your eyebrows, do NOT use black pencils! Try using brown pencils and fill your eyebrows in with soft strokes! Try something or do something you have always had an excuse for!

Should have, would have, could have, “..Ain’t anbody got time for that!”

What will you do differently today?

adiva forever