Want to find sexy and flirtatious fun? Visit Proud City…

Upon arrival, be guided down the grand staircase to a hidden cove of talent. Proud City is the ultimate night on the town, featuring unrivalled cabaret acts from ladies and gentlemen that ooze style, sophistication, and sensuality.

We took a seat in the front row and were treated to a crisp and fresh bottle of prosecco, the perfect warm up whilst the stylish MC regaled us with funny anecdotes and razor sharp jokes. We then settled in to what really was a night we will not forget in a very long time.

Each act was remarkably different, well practiced and mesmerising in their own way, but what struck us was the level of talent from each individual. As they danced, sashayed, stripped and crawled, it was hard to look away. At one point I was invited to take a shot straight from a syringe by a wonderful dancer in a hot nurse’s outfit, and we very much enjoyed the playful teasing of the table of only straight guys in the room.

Normally, a thrillful show will generally distract from the fact that the food is generally a bit average. But alas, not at Proud City. Actually, we were very pleasantly surprised by the quality, taste and presentation of each dish. To start was Salmon Rillettes with an apple and chicory salad and toasted crisp bread. The salmon was beautifully fresh and zingy with a pleasant lemon dressing.

Next on the menu was Cornfed Chicken Breast with boulangère potatoes, spring vegetables and chicken jus. Again, really well cooked with a crispy skin and each course was served during breaks in the show so you could really enjoy the dishes (and see them too).

For dessert, was a delicious Lavender Crème Brulée which was the cherry on top of a very tasty meal. The show must go on and go on it did. After the break the talent was ramped up even more and we were treated to a racy Moulin Rouge classic, Roxanne, which really had the crowd going, and some incredible acrobats.

The cocktail menu should certainly be visited, but be warned, the Long Island Iced Tea packs a powerful punch. At the closing of the show, the Founder thanked us all for coming and led a very impactful speech that drew light on the radical underfunding of entertainment venues in a post-Covid world. He is right of course. We take for granted London’s thriving nightlife scene and yet cannot ignore favourite venues closing down and the earlier closing times due to lack of staff.

It’s time to get up, shake your hair out, put on some sequins and sparkles and get on down to Proud City, even if it’s just to support the art scene we all love so, so much. You won’t regret it.

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photos from Proud Cabaret