We’re still feeling amazing from Wellnergy(, festival last Saturday, what an amazing day we’ve had!

Wellnergy is an all-new life, soul and mind enriching experience which debuted on 17th June 2023 at Barn Elms in South London!

The event combined the five pillars of mindfulness, fitness, food, music and laughter to create a completely unique, fun and enriching experience for the mind, body and soul, suitable for everyone.

During the day, there were top talks from Dr Alex George, Grace Beverley, Maude Hirst, Alice Liveing, and Dilly Carter,alongside a range of different fitness, dance and yoga classes from Martial Arts to Ballet Yoga to stretching and flexibility classes, multiple experience tents, comedy and some of the tastiest street food vendors, with numerous world cuisines.

From late afternoon, Gardens Of Babylon took over the Music stage and we danced to the bits of Parallelle [hybrid], Patrice Bäumel, Francesca Lombardo and Magit Cacoon.

We left the day feeling very inspired and Zen, it was such a fun day and the legs were little tired post all the fitness activities and final dancing!

Co-Founder Nick Steiert  is an inspiration himself – he left his role of CEO at Intravelr in March, to set up this beautiful festivalin just few months. With around 3000 participants, surely he can call this a success!

We certainly can’t wait to hear more about next year festival, we’ll 100% be there!

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