10 Unconventional Celebrity Crushes That Girls Can’t Really Explain

10.  Nicolas Cage

Nic Cage

Some would say he looks like he’s got his face on inside out, others swoon over the Hollywood star. Regardless of aesthetics he’s a babe in ‘The Family Man’ and erm we’ll just forget Ghost Rider….






  1. Michael McIntyre

michael mcintyre

If you passed Michael McIntyre in the street would you honestly look twice? Posh, jolly and a just little bit round. However when you stick him on stage in front of millions with some hilariously relatable gags, everybody realises they wish their husband made them laugh like that, and suddenly we start to get a little hot under the collar. The proof is in the pudding, his wife is HAWT.






  1. The Rock

The rock

Testosterone fuelled and massively hench, Dwayne Johnson reminds us of the guys who kiss their biceps in the gym mirrors, needless to say deep down we secretly wish our bf could pick us up with one arm and toss us over his shoulder…..






  1. Robin Williams in Jumanji

robin williams jumanji

Self-sufficient, courageous, loving and kind, some of the main qualities us girls look for in a man. Only thing is it’s still Robin Williams, who is definitely old enough to be our dad and looks like a tramp for a good portion of the movie. Serious dilemma.





  1. Alan Rickman

alan rickman

Token ‘greasy bad guy’ actor, the film industry hasn’t been kind to Alan’s personality. However for some bizarre reason Serverus Snape and The Sheriff will always hold a place in our hearts.






  1. David Attenborough

david attenborough

The voice. Oh the voice.






  1. Tony Blair

toni blair

Some dubious political decisions have cause big T to attracted a lot of public attention, even earning a ‘citizen’s arrest’ from an enthusiastic follower. However these flaws don’t seem to have detracted from his effect on the ladies, with one avid fan even stating “This is not a crush, this is a lifestyle choice”




  1. Adam Richman


The Man vs. Food star doesn’t spring to the forefront of everyone’s mind when crushes are mentioned, but look now he’s passed through his jiggley stage! Who knew underneath all that ‘shaking his belly like a bowl full of jelly’ exterior lay a rugged hunk.






  1. Ash from Pokémon


Definitely not a real person, we know it’s weird but you can’t fight love. Enough said.






  1. This guy photobombing Cara Delvingne

This guy

Okay not strictly a celeb, but seriously I don’t believe anyone has ever photobombed Cara Delavingne so well. He’s won my heart!