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Behind the Brand: Cherry Bomb Loves

The design industry is one of the most dynamic in the world and London brings forth some of the best talent out there. So we have been searching for brands and products and we came across Cherry Bomb Loves, a new jewellery company that makes gorgeous statement pieces. We got the behind the scenes info from the director of Cherry Bomb Loves, you can thank us later.

YelizName: Yeliz Hussein

Age: 25


Website: I use my twitter, tumblr and facebook pages primarily as a website is in the works. So I will give you the links to those. Facebook: Cherry Bomb Loves (its a page) Twitter: @cherry_bomb_luv Tumblr:

When did you first start designing jewellery

It was while I was studying at university. I was doing my 2nd year at Middlesex on a Fine Art and critical Theory Course. Being an image concious student (as we all were) I went into topshop and wanted all their accessories but being on the budget i was on I couldn’t afford one thing!! That’s when I decided to start creating my own individual pieces. I started with scrabble rings as they were easy to make. I wore my name YEL and it goes on from there really. A friend liked them wanted some for herself, then wore them out had a gentleman approach her asking where he can purchase some for his girlfriend. I’ve always been the type to create and rework items of clothing or jewellery I remember from when I was small and so desperately wanted the self brading necklace kit and friendship bracelet maker. And a good friend once said why spend the money when your on a creative course and have all the tools and materials you need. So thats how it all started really. The name was born at a later stage (a year to be exact) it was due to the fact I had red hair at the time, (thats the cherry bit) the bomb was thought of by myself, wanted to portray both sweetness with a hard hitting impact. And then Cherry Bomb Loves was born due to the fact I love heart shapes, it probably sounds a little strange and confusing but in my head it all started to fit together nicely, plus all my blogs start with Cherry Bomb Loves, its a great conversation starter ha ha.

What inspires your pieces

Its a mixture of things really. When I was younger I used to love the gumball machines and the cute little pieces you would get. I would collect them. There was a website I used to order my jewellery from while in college called Lady Luck Rules Ok, they had cute pieces like crayola crayon earrings and a beautiful unicorn necklace named ursula. Unfortunately they stopped making pieces and the site closed down. I had a collection to be proud of!! I got a lot of inspiration from them, also curent trends, I’m very much obsessed with High Street fashion i.e Topshop, New Look and River Island. I am forever going in to the these shops and creatively stealing the trends, then reworking them at home. I would also say everyday objects inspire me, mainly food, like cup cakes and ice cream sundaes, cute looking food. Jeffrey Campbell is a massive inpiration to me at the moment, with his take on diner foods on bags and clothing. Another inspiration which has been reworked so many times but i still love is Alice in Wonderland. I love the book and disney remake, All the iconic imagery is so beautiful and quirkey and can appeal to any age range depending on how it has been designed. I am currently making intricate charmed bracelets using this theme, but also biscuit sized eat me biscuit necklaces, and drink me bottles. I love it!! I feel this theme is close to my heart as I am lucky enough to be creative in my everyday allwoing me to feel almost in wonderland. Another inspiration is this whole idea of individuality none of my pieces are ever the same unless requested. So waking up and just walking down the street, heading to work, heading on a night out and generally people watching is my greatest inspiration, everyone is so unique and individual I am trying to celebrate this and rework it into jewellery.

Where did you train, how long

Funnily enough I have never had no proper jewellery training. i attended Central St Martins School of Art for a foundation year before my degree. I was exposed to all aspects of art and design before I headed off in my chosen spectrum. I had taken a glass workshop and made my first item of jewellery (my glass ring I will send you a pic this evening) and till this day still own. I had actually applied for a jewellery and accessories course at Middlesex uni, unfortunately did not make it onto the course. Thats what lead me to fine art, I was given the opportunity to explore art and design further. My jewellery making has really been trial and error, trying out techniques and materials and seeing what works. Starting off with basic glueing objects together, now actually making the pieces from scratch. I mainly work in plastic, glass, clay and found objects. All of these materials I have learnt with time and patience can become second nature to master and manipulate.

Tell us your idea of success

My idea of success is having someone believe in you. Yeah making money and gaining acknowledgment is the key to success (as business people will tell you) but its that initial belief thats where it all starts. Belief in yourself, knowing that you can achieve the task at hand. I have been told by so many that my pieces are what is described at the “primark of the jewellery and accesories world” as my prices range from lowest £3.00 – £30. I want to make jewellery for all those who were once in my position, wanting to keep up to date with the current trends and fashions but at the budget they are living on cant. It’s so frustrating!! This has always been my aim, I’ve lived the life of a student, I’ve been unemployed, I’ve had the money problems. Everything in life is so expensive, so we all need a pick me up and that’s what I’m here for. So to say my idea of success I would have to say it’s getting to be creative, have a purpose in doing so, while making others happy. And none of this would be possible if you didnt have the self belief or supportive others around you. And dont get me wrong making money and building up my business to branch out is also on my list of success. I’m just one big peace loving hippy at heart. But this hippy does need money too ha ha.

What advice would you give aspiring designers

I would say never give up. I’ve been designing for 3 years and its now I’m gaining recognition and sales are taking off. It can be disheartening and upsetting when you put your heart and soul into a piece and it doesn’t recieve the millions you expected. You have to remember all good things take time and patience to achieve. Always keep a log of your spending, outgoings and incomings, that way you can keep a good eye on your profits. I jot it all down in a notepad then refer back to it when I need to price, or market a product. Social networking is a great audience builder, you can find so many interesting people, and set up a great platform. I use them all and update regularly to keep people interested and let them know what’s going on and what I’m creating. Laslty don’t ever let anyone make you feel you can’t achieve your goals. You have to stay dedicated and strong willed, others will come at you every chance they get. I can remember sleepless nights, up creating and putting last minute touches on pieces. I work full time as a marketing executive and spend most my evenings and weekends dedicated to Cherry Bomb Loves.But the benefits and rewards heading my way is what keeps me going, I see it more as a passion and hobby rather then a job. So always make sure you are dedicated. Another thing to add is take advantage of your surroundings, if at university when starting like myself, use all the workshops and tools so you gain as much experience and knowledge as needed.

What would you consider your greatest achievement to date

I would have to say my greatest achievement to date is doing this right now. Being able to make my jewellery and sell it for others to enjoy. To be able to create art. Knowing that people out there find my designs nice and want to purchase them makes me feel happy everyday. Also showing all those who doubted me that it can be done, a dream can be achieved with hard work and dedication. What can I say, I’m a girl of simple pleasures, and the simplest pleasure is knowing my creations are loved enough to be bought. It’s FANTASTIC!!

Where can our readers purchase some of your pices

All pieces made are advertised on my facebook page. I am currently setting up an ebay page, but for now all products sold through Facebook.

I just want to add that Cherry Bomb Loves will be branching out soon to phone cases and clothing.

Here are a few selected pieces from Cherry Bomb Loves awesome collection: