Fire and Feathers: Portuguese Piri Piri Chicken

Fire and Feathers 3Last week I went down to Fire and Feathers on Fulham Road to try their authentic Piri Piri chicken.

I’ve always hated being dragged to Nandos for their Piri Piri chicken. Whether it’s because you don’t get table service or the corporate impersonal vibe- I’ve never liked it. Thankfully Fire and Feathers is a far cry from Nandos.

I was immediately struck by the décor of the restaurant. It was very spacious and was broken down into two different dining areas. I’d describe the aesthetic as beautifully rustic in a non-pretentious way. The booths are entirely wooden, almost like a church pew, with a back and infinitely more comfortable. Exposed brick walls are enhanced by the stone floor and the distinctive mosaic style tiles. Fire and Feathers 2There was also a large skylight… I like skylights.

We went for their garlic prawns for a starter, which were delicious. Their cocktails were even better. I had a Martini de Framboesa e Lychee cocktail, which included Absolut Raspberri, Lychee Liquor and Lychee Juice. I had no idea what the last two ingredients were but I took a punt on this never the less and was glad I did. This was one of the best cocktails I’ve had for a long time. My plus 1 went for a Castelo Margarita, which was equally delicious.

The chicken is free range and was served on the bone, which is the authentic way of serving Portuguese Piri Piri chicken. This was tasty and I’d probably recommend going for the Piri Piri or Dynamite level of spice.

Fire and Feathers 1All in all Fire and Feathers is in a great location, has fantastic décor, a relaxed vibe and great cocktails. If you’re a Nandos regular, then try out Fire and Feathers instead next time. It’s much better.


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Written by Martin Stocks | @Stocks1986

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