LabTonica At Gazelli House

Today 21st May was International Tea Day. Not that we need any excuse to drink tea, but given the day and the rainy London weather we really did have the perfect excuse to try delicious herbal teas by Lab Tonica.

Lab Tonica is a contemporary new range of hand blended botanicals, designed for everyday wellness. Devised, created and launched during the pandemic, Lab Tonica’s inaugural range of products include teas, balms and ‘sleep-mists’. The brand was founded by Kitty McEntee, who after a career in advertising and becoming a mum, reignited her passion for nature by studying herbal medicine. Kitty uses her knowledge of the healing powers of plants, modern techniques and high quality, mostly organic ingredients to create the a unique collection of teas and items focused on both the mind and body.

The FIVE Collections are:

1) Unplugged  – the sleep collection.

2) Breathe – the calm collection.

3) POW – the energy collection.

4) Fend – the immunity collection.

5) Saucy – the libido collection.

We were invited to try the teas at Gazelli House, a wellness centre in Kensington, where Lab Tonica has just launched. Kitty excelled at recommending teas to suit our moods. Given it was a relaxing Friday afternoon and we wanted energy for the weekend ahead, Kitty recommended the POW. Made from lemongrass, ginger, Yerba mate, rosemary, lemon, beetroot and chilli, it was a zesty, refreshing, enlivening brew. The kick of chilli really made this a spectacular choice.

Another recommendation was Saucy. This is comprised of cocoa, hibiscus, rise petals, strawberry, jasmine blossom, Damiana and ginkgo biloba. With the warm, rich tones of a hot chocolate but with a strong fruit flavour, it’s easy to see why this became a quick favourite.

Lab Tonica teas cost  £8 or the lip balm £12. The Unplugged and Breathe collections also have a sleep mist priced at £12. There are gifts sets with two or three of the items ranging from £16.50-£27. Lab Tonica products can be purchased online through the company website, or at independent retailers .such as Gazelli House.

Lab Tonica is hoping to expand the brand over the coming months, and we at ONIN look forward to trying their new products and wish Lab a Tonica every success in their endeavours.


Instagram: Labtonica

Written by Caitlin Neal