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Laser With Beauty And Melody Review

Beauty & Melody is currently offering permanent laser hair removal with the breakthrough Soprano ICE system. I’ve had laser before so this would be the second course, however, with a different machine. Soprano Ice Laser Hair Removal won ‘Best Laser Hair Removal System’ in the 2015 Aesthetic Industry Awards. Using advanced cooling technology and the very latest laser techniques it promised to be almost pain free. It also promised to be the start of a highly effective long term hair reduction process.

Before booking in for a course of treatment, all clients are given a consultation and patch test. As certain medications and herbal treatments which cause photo-sensitivity can have an impact on having laser hair removal. I had this problem when I went for my first patch test so had to come back when I was no longer on beta blockers. This was disappointing but, luckily Beauty and Melody provided me with another appointment in no time at all.

When I went for the patch test a week before my appointment, I did feel it was a little rushed and the process wasn’t full explained to me. This could have been because I’d told them I’ve had laser before. If you, do ask questions. It really does help to calm any nerves you may have about getting Laser for the first time.

You have to make sure you’re thoroughly shave the area to be treated with the area having to be smooth to the touch. If it’s not, the laser treatment can not be carried out. It’s probably the most awkward thing – contorting yourself into a pretzel the night or morning before to make sure every bit of the Hollywood and Peri-anal area is smooth.

The actual appointment I had a different therapist who was much more helpful and friendly. I felt incredibly comfortable with her completing the procedure on the most intimate areas of my body. The whole procedure was over in 10 minutes. It was a lot quicker than my first experience and I felt it didn’t hurt as much. I can’t wait to start seeing long term results. Now just another 4-5 sessions to go until I’m pretty much hair free!



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Written by TL