Lokhandwala’s Bottomless Brunch Review

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Sundays are the perfect time for a brunch, especially a bottomless brunch. We visited Lokhandwala, a gorgeous Indian Tapas bar in Fitzrovia. Despite being quiet for a Sunday, Lokhandwala had an atmosphere which made you want to waste the day sitting there.  If you like your Indian Tapas, this is a place for you. Priced at £45, you receive 9 different dishes and bottomless prosecco or ‘Star Of India’ Cocktails for two hours. They had run out of prosecco, so my friend had bottomless Rose wine (which just isn’t the same). I was happy with my ‘Star Of India’ cocktails as they were gin based and just got better tasting with each one I had. They hit the spot and I’m not going to lie and say I wasn’t quite tipsy by the end of the two hours. Luckily the food is plentiful and full of flavour, so it helps soak up that alcohol. The food is a mixture of chicken, seafood and vegetarian dishes, so whatever your taste there’s something for everyone.

star of india

First course was the Bakes, Poppadum & Relish Baked purple potatoes, sweet potatoes (fried sago, rice, lentil, wheat poppadum served with dips pineapple & chilli, beetroot yoghurt, avocado garam masala and channa daal). These all had the right amount of spice to them and I devoured the pineapple and chilli dip, it was so sweet and tangy that it went perfectly with Poppadum.


The food kept coming and before we knew it we had Gujju Vaal Daal Chaat (from the broad bean family mixed with black pulse tossed together for a traditional snack with Yoghurt & Imli chutney on the side) in front of us. This was a dish I’d tried before at other Indian restaurants and I like it, it tastes healthy and full of flavour.

I didn’t try the Wild Tawa Mushroom Wild mushrooms as I really can’t stand mushrooms. My friend didn’t really enjoy this course either, but it was ok the Tandoori King Prawn Kings (prawn with mango and tamarind sauce) made up for not eating this dish. The prawns were huge and succulent. The sauce was the perfect compliment to them, adding that tang I didn’t know I’d been missing out on.

King Prawns

Next up was the Pickle Poached Egg (poached egg served with tempura vegetable). It was tasty and we loved the asparagus in the dish. This is a dish which is usually on every brunch menu, so the Indian Influence was inspired.

The best dish of the day had to be the Masaledar Fish & Chips (Indian home masala marinated sea bass fish, batter fried and served with salli wafers and pea puree). This dish didn’t last long on our plates as we ate every single bite with gusto.


Unfortunately the Indian Sunday Poussin Roast was unavailable on the day we visited, so we missed out on this dish. They replaced it with Scallops, which I was a big fan of. They were perfectly cooked and had that nice little bit of a kick to them.


Our final savour dish was the Chicken Biryani (Basmati rice, chicken, spices, condiments, married for indulgence in earthen pot, served with cucumber raita). This is a classic Indian dish which for some reason I’ve never tried. It was scrumptious and another favourite of the day.

The desserts ‘Gajar Halwa’ Tart, Cardamom Scented Crème Anglaise and Baked ‘Kheer’ Brulee were unusual but delicous. The Baked ‘Kheer’ Brulee was absolutely delicious and I don’t think I let my friend have more than a mouthful. They really ended the meal portion of the two hours perfectly. We still had about 45 minutes left after these dishes so we made the most of the bottomless cocktails after this.

We really enjoyed our day at Lokhandwala. It was very quiet on the day we went, which staff said is not a regular occurrence. We’ll be back as this has to be one of the best value for money, bottomless brunches I’ve been at.



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Written by Tegan LeBon

Twitter and Instagram: @toogs1