Trader Vic’s Treasure Hunt Review

Trader Vic’s has been a London institution since 1963 and was the first international location and Home of the Original Mai Tai®. We had never visited there so were excited to be invited to take part in a fun Treasure Hunt around London’s iconic Hyde Park. Trader Vic’s is so cool with it’s authentic artifacts, Tiki carvings and treasures from around the world. It was definitely the perfect location to start out treasure hunt.

We enjoyed sampling some Mai Tai’s before being grouped with 4 other guests to begin our quest around Hyde Park. The clues of the treasure hunt focused primarily on nautical exploration and it was fun making our way through the park solving clues and completing our challenges including ‘a selfie with a duck’ or ‘with our team dressed in Leis by a fountain’. Our team arrived back in 28 minutes and were lucky enough to be the first team to arrive with all the correct answers.

The winning team received a voucher for two Mai Tais and a platter of food each and of course you guessed it… it was us! Team Aloha for the win! After the awards ceremony we enjoyed some more drinks and nibbles before heading off. It was a great night in a fun atmosphere and we can’t wait to hear more about Trader Vic’s future treasure hunts.

Trader Vic’s are also relaunching their Mai Tai club! A link to sign is here:

We’ll certainly be back to enjoy our winnings and enjoy more signature tropical cocktails at Trader Vics soon! See you there.


Address: London Hilton
22 Park Lane
London, England  W1Y 1BE