How to fake a witness statement

*** Remember this is not advice and only comedy ***


In my previous role I faked heart attacks, enthusiasm and general contempt for my colleagues. How hard could a witness statement be? After all I knew the details as I’d committed the ghastly act.

A lie mixed up in the truth is the most delicious lie of all. I merely recounted my actions on that murderous night but substituted my name for that of the former Customer Service Supervisor. I had to embellish it somewhat but I’d lain the ground work months earlier. Tasty little nuggets of damning, and largely faked evidence implicating the nefarious spinster.

I merely had to stick to this script and I’d be home and dry. But I haven’t got where I am today by sticking to scripts, no sir. I ad-libbed tales of her jealousy and described her unprovoked rage towards me on numerous occasions. Truth be told every occasion was heavily provoked, particularly the time I threw a halibut at her for no good reason. I was having fun but I needed to remember my lies for they could hang me during further cross examinations.

The problem was my short-term memory was limited due to the addiction to prescription painkillers I’d developed to endure my job. Hey ho- fortune favours the brave. I decided to live off my wits during the trial and explain away any inaccuracies as part of the trauma of witnessing such a heinous crime. Yes! “Brilliant”, I blurted out, accidentally grinning at the two Police Officers taking notes.

“Brilliant, that this ordeal will soon be over”, I explained to them, before nearly grinning again at my quick wits. I really needed to stop grinning. But I was having so much fun.

The trial continues next Monday.

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Written by Martin Stocks | @Stocks1986

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