How to plan a great day out

The sun is out, the weather’s warm, the birds are chirping and the sky’s blue. The days are longer and the evenings shorter. Hibernation is well and truly over, so forward planning is crucial for a quick getaway since no one knows when the heat wave will strike again. But the preparation isn’t always as straightforward as it sounds. As obvious as it might seem, careful planning well ahead will simplify your day.

In London there are so many people around, day and night, looking for something to do but we are rarely short of ideas.

This is how to plan a great day out:

1. Save up for upcoming days out, plan your route and transport.

Beach bag Bola ONIN 5

2. Have 2 getaway bags prepared at any time. One for the beach or for the swimming pool and the second, a picnic bags for a trip to the park or fairground.

3. Prepare a list of 5 attractions or places to visit as early as February, choose 1 or 2 then find out how to book up and how to get there. You might not be able to book five trips, but at least you’ll have a wider choice.

4. Look out for upcoming events or exhibitions and vouchers offering reduced prices.

5. Prepare a to do list.

6. Look out for money off vouchers and buy tickets for entry into the attractions. (Booking online can be cheaper and convenient) Group bookings also work out cheaper. Children of a certain age, Senior citizens and the less able might get reduced ticket. Combination tickets also work out well since you can see more than one attraction on one deal.

Take a look at the London Eye combination ticket here:

Invite a group of friends or family – It’s more enjoyable as you can all share ideas and your experiences. But if you prefer to travel solo, that’s fine too.

7. If you’re travelling by public give yourself enough time to travel by leaving home early and remember to pack:

A Bus pass

Oyster card

Contactless card

Train tickets

8. Carry a purse or wallet full of notes and coins

9. Pack a raincoat (in case the weather is inclement)

10. Wear comfortable clothing and walking shoes.

11. Take the buggy or pushchair for the tot with tired legs.

12. Prepare and pack a light lunch like sandwiches, deserts, with some water and drinks in a cooler bag.

13. Load your camera with batteries or charge it up then transfer old images onto Cloud or a disc to allow room for new ones. Then make sure you take it on your journey to capture those memorable images. Alternatively, just use your camera on your phone, as it’s so handy and less bulky to carry around.

14. Create a template list for food-shopping to keep for your next trip to save time and energy.

Now it’s your turn. You can add to this list in case something’s missing. What could you not do without on a great day out?


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