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How to use your Manager’s jargon against him

  Whilst working in sales I have been subjected to the worst examples of Management speak as they try to threaten and cajole me to make them more money. If you cut a Sales Manager More »

Behind the Brand: Hoopermarket

We all saw Grace Jones doing her thing with a hula hoop last year whilst performing… Right? Well we have had the pleasure of speaking to a hula hoop genius! She is the one and More »

Your Most Overlooked Source of Income

When a business asks the question.  “How can I make more money, especially in this economic time?” You’ll be surprised that the best answer is: – not to discount, not to downsize, not to chase More »

How to let HR know you are not to be trifled with

*** This Article is Just For Laughs and should not be taken as advice in any form *** As a restless, volatile creative with no interest in my day-job I tend to clash with HR. More »

How to fake enthusiasm for the job you hate

*** This Article is not advice and is just for laughs *** Don’t appear over enthusiastic to be at work. I’ve never had this problem. I like to give off an air of indifference and More »