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How to tolerate the colleagues you hate

“Good morning”, I cheerfully greet my colleagues. One mumbles a response, the rest don’t bother. Most of these tedious drones don’t speak and the ones that do shouldn’t.   The office is shrouded in a More »

How to write an appeal letter after being sacked from the job you hate

**Warning this is humour – Not advise** When sacked you have 30 days to write your appeal letter and 30 minutes before your email account is deleted. Launch your attack immediately. I refuted Managements claim More »

5 P’s of Extraordinary Customer Service

One of the best ways to keep customers coming back more often is by living the old Boy Scout Motto: Be Prepared. Be prepared to take care of your customers better than anyone else can More »

How to make a disastrous impression on your new Manager

Whilst in a typically bored and manic mood, I was introduced to a man waiting to be interviewed. I told him I hate the company so much I involuntarily shout the word “bastard” each morning More »

How to antagonize the customer you’ve already antagonized

My job involves bothering people busy at work and trying to sell to them. I get hung up on a lot, and who can blame them? I don’t care about my job and I’m disrupting More »