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How to bully the manager who is bullying you!

  **** WARNING, THIS POST IS HILARIOUS **** This is just for laughs and not advice   When your Manager makes a point, take notes, nod enthusiastically and then flatly disagree with him. You’ve complimented More »

Behind the Brand: GiveMeTap

They are on a mission to make clean, safe drinking water accessible to people here and abroad. They aim to change the lives of millions of people and to reduce the use of plastic bottles… More »


Identity is a fact of being who or what a person is (Google, 2013). Knowing who you are as an individual is a fundamental truth we should all be aware of. Being your self is More »

How to tolerate the colleagues you hate

“Good morning”, I cheerfully greet my colleagues. One mumbles a response, the rest don’t bother. Most of these tedious drones don’t speak and the ones that do shouldn’t.   The office is shrouded in a More »

How to write an appeal letter after being sacked from the job you hate

**Warning this is humour – Not advise** When sacked you have 30 days to write your appeal letter and 30 minutes before your email account is deleted. Launch your attack immediately. I refuted Managements claim More »