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On the Plus Side

Sometimes, it seems like everything is about being skinny — juice cleansed will cut calories, yoga will keep you in tip-top shape and there’s always a new diet to try. But all the attention placed More »

Pucker Up!

As we are truly within the summer months, I am hoping that the weather matches the season. We want to say goodbye to the miserable grey clouds and pray for the sun rays! To help More »

Shorts so SHORT they are PANTS!!

I have noticed recently, especially at festivals that its now in fashion to wear what I would call “batty riders” = very short shorts that go up the bum. Often teamed up with a crop top, More »

Behind the Brand: Cherry Bomb Loves

The design industry is one of the most dynamic in the world and London brings forth some of the best talent out there. So we have been searching for brands and products and we came More »

BB’s & CC’s & DD’s Oh My!

One of the top beauty trends to hit our stores this year has to be the alphabet tinted moisturiser and foundation all in one cream. Many of you may refer to them as the BB, More »