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Interview: Hiraeth Theatre’s Hamlet Crew

Her Majesty’s Prison Liverpool. G Wing. Hamlet is incarcerated. His father has been murdered. The croaking raven doth bellow for revenge…… A gripping prologue to a unconventional retelling of Shakespeare’s Hamlet don’t you think? Which More »

High Society: Denny Rogers

Century Members Club was nearly impossible to get into for a celebrity, let alone for an average person, but this sort of thing never stopped Denny Rogers. Sporting a fake thin moustache and casually twiddling More »

High Society: Charlie Malbery Part II

Charlie Malbery Within thirty-five minutes Charlie had been slapped in the face six times. The slappers (in the literal sense) were Charlie’s various ex-girlfriends dotted around Pimlico. Quite why they were so angry vaguely boggled More »

High Society: Dalton

Dalton was in a foul mood. His leisurely breakfast ritual had been ruined by his housekeeper stocking the incorrect cupboards. As he searched his stylishly minimalist kitchen for his breakfast he received an irritatingly informal More »

High Society: Ingrid

The coffee pot was boiling over. Aubrey had knocked a tall vase of flowers from the kitchen table, drenching the floor in filmy ripe-smelling plant water and was tearing around the house in wide-eyed terrified More »