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How to get put on gardening leave

*** Not advice just something to make you laugh on a Monday *** Having resigned I decided I didn’t want to work my notice month. I sat with my arms crossed for the entire afternoon More »

How to survive a pep talk from the Manager you hate

I had a pep talk from my Manager on Thursday. I called in sick on Friday and resigned on Monday. I don’t like pep talks. I demanded an urgent meeting with two senior Managers to More »

Christabel’s Wimbledon Lunches – Corporate & Private Dining

Christabel’s Coperate & Private Wimbledon Lunches June 23rd – July 6th  CHRISTABEL’S  will be screening the much anticipated matches, over a ‘Wimbledon’ inspired lunch, set in a unique venue. Depending on what you would like, CHRISTABEL’S More »

How to survive team building

A Customer Service Supervisor who can’t spell ‘customer’, a humourless Team Manager, pointless games and dull colleagues. Just some of the things I contend with during team building days. I antagonize my patronizing Managers who More »

How to pretend you like your Manager

My Manager revealed his car had been stolen. The thought of him waiting in the rain for a bus like the rest of us amused me. My smirk turned into a low chuckle.   My More »