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Maintaining momentum when you move on from your business

Following on from my last article on moving on from your business, this article gives tips on how to maintain momentum. When I first left Young & Connected, it was partly due to personal circumstances, More »

Leaving Your Business

Am I ready to move on from my business? A couple of months ago, I chose to move on from Young & Connected, a social enterprise I co-founded with three other young professionals in 2012. More »

How to get away with murder

*** THIS IS NOT ADVICE AND IS OUR COMEDY BLOG, NOTHING IN IT SHOULD EVER BE ACTED UPON *** I decided to murder the Managing Director and frame the Customer Service Supervisor for it. She More »

How to avoid murdering your manager

I stare at my greedy, walrus of a Manager and wonder whether today will be the day where I snap. I’ve worked through several stress balls, regularly take prescription painkillers and shout into the sink. More »

How to maintain sanity in the job you hate

Already regretting retracting my resignation, I now hide in the toilet and shout into the sink for no particular reason.   I leave the toilet to find the Manager outside staring at me. I consider More »